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Experience has perfected our process for analyzing what works in a website.We review and audit your website and apply best practices to produce real results.


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Our Free SEO audit process consists of an overall analysis that defines the website’s strengths and the SEO strategy to be implemented on the website. A comprehensive SEO audit is considered the fastest and most efficient way to signpost how to boost rankings and benefit the company.

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We are an experienced and innovative digital marketing company that provides custom and cutting edge search engine optimisation, PPC, social media marketing, customised content and advanced digital marketing services to businesses throughout the UK.

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Our SEO Audits are comprehensive analyses of a website property’s measurement based on standard best practices in SEO. We look at all factors to determine what needs to be changed, implemented, and/or fixed to bring about good standing, traffic increase, and better SERPs.

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Among the top SEO Agencies in the North East & the UK. We offer effective & affordable Local SEO services that will position your site to experience exponential growth in traffic.


SEO Audit Frequently Asked Questions

Our SEO Audit Service will help you identify your website’s search engine optimization issues and strengths. As search engine optimisation practices continue to evolve and change, your website’s search engine strategy needs to adapt in order to remain competitive in search. No website is ever perfectly optimised and we may open your eyes to issues that you may not have ever considered as being related to your search engine ranking.

Our SEO Audits include a complete analysis of your website as we review all of the factors that contribute to your SEO ranking. Based on our findings, we formulate an action plan for improvement.

Upon completion, you will receive an easy to read PDF report containing our findings and recommendations.

Depending on the size of your website, you should have an audit every twelve to eighteen months or so.   If you are planning a redesign it may make sense to do a pre-launch audit as well as a post launch audit.

This depends on the size of the site of your website.  Typically, a full organic site audit can be completed and delivered within a week.

Yes. Search Engines rely on many factors to rank a website and our website SEO Checker reviews these and more to help identify problems that could be holding your site back from it’s potential.

Experts estimate that Google updates its algorithm somewhere between 500-600 times per year. Most of those changes are small and do not drastically impact rankings, while major updates, like BERT or Passage Ranking, can impact a significant percentage of all keyword searches.

We generally do not provide examples of audits as they contain confidential information specific to each client. 

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You have a website, but it's not performing the way you want. Maybe your traffic has dropped off. Maybe you just created an English-language version of your site and need to have it reviewed. Maybe your prospects aren't converting into customers or your competition is getting ahead.

If your site has lost traffic, seen sudden drops in conversions, and your rankings are suffering, a Website SEO Audit is your first step to determining what your SEO Strategy needs to be to get your Google rankings back up. Whether there is a technical SEO issue or on-page issue, or if you have been hit by an algorithm update or a negative SEO attack, we can help you get to the bottom it.

Whether you have a website that has been neglected or has endured significant changes, we can help you fix it and move forward with our Free SEO services. Direct Submit is among the top SEO Companies in the North East & the UK. We offer cutting-edge SEO services that will position your site to experience an exponential growth in traffic.

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